"Take care of your body, it's the only one you get."

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Wynne Massage Therapy Services

30mins- $45  |  60mins- $75  |  90min - $110  |  120mins- $145

Custom Massage Therapy

People are unique. No two persons are the same and their massage shouldn't be either. During custom massage therapy sessions, a variety of techniques will be used with your individual needs and goals in mind. Whether you are looking for pain relief or relaxation, firm pressure or light pressure, or any combination of these, I am committed to creating a massage as unique as you. 

Neural Reset therapy (NRT)

NRT is a newly developed method of working directly with the nervous system to reset (or relax) muscles to their optimum tone, faster and more effectively than anything you've experienced before. Clients love it when their pain vanishes in seconds without anyone having to push and grind into their already tender areas.  With NRT, the client is asked to contract a muscle or move in a particular direction while the therapists ads a stimulus (such as tapping, vibration, or jostling) to a muscle in such a way that a reset occurs. NRT is performed fully clothed and on people from all walks of life! Click here to read more on how NRT works!

The works (NRT + massage)

Do you want fast and effective pain relief and decreased muscle tension with Neural Reset Therapy? Do you also love the feeling and flow of traditional massage therapy? Why not combine the two? During a session of The Works, we will begin with Neural Reset Therapy (NRT) to achieve a more optimal tone in the muscles before moving on to continue healing your body with custom massage therapy. These sessions can be done on specific areas or for the entire body, depending on the amount of time scheduled. 


Mind-Body-Spirit Massage is for those who want to leave with a feeling of reconnection between their mental, physical and spiritual selves. These sessions will be a combination of massage therapy and reiki energy work and are meditative, stress relieving and healing.

prenatal / pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a journey that brings expectant mothers through many different physical and emotional stresses. Prenatal massage is designed to help you re-center yourself; enjoy some well-deserved “you” time and ease the discomforts associated with carrying a child. I will help you be the very best you, so you can give the best for your little one.